Can I Paint My Patio?

  • Best paints for your patio pavers.
  • How to accessorise your patio with paint.

The best advice for painting your patio so that you get a perfect and professional look every time, no matter what material you’re attempting to paint.

Which paints work on patio slabs?

There exists, in the gigantic world of paint that we walk through in homeware stores, a type of paint specifically designed to tackle a range of patio slabs and pavers. Typically, patio paint will work on concrete, stone, sandstone, and slate at the very least.

This kind of paint is sometimes marketed as “concrete floor paint”, but the majority of paints available that can cover more than just concrete flooring will be called “patio paint”. There’s also a type of paint which uses epoxy resin which can be a suitable solution for outdoor painting.

What to consider before using patio paint

First of all, make sure you are completely, one hundred percent certain that you want to paint your patio. Patio paint isn’t known for coming off once it’s been put on. In fact, it’s almost impossible to remove. It would genuinely be less effort to replace your patio slabs than to remove the paint.

Second, check that you’ve picked up the right kind of patio paint. A decent patio paint will be acrylic-based, non-slip, and it will state on the tin’s label that it is suitable for use on concrete and/or patio slabs. Patio paint is always an outdoor paint.

Third, consider having your current patio power washed. Many homeowners choose to paint their patio slabs when their current patio becomes dull and starts looking old. Sometimes, a good wash to return it to its original colour and condition (or as close as possible) is a better option than painting.

Alongside power washing, your patio will also benefit from something like an outdoor cleaner that uses acid. This will help take off any long-settled layers of grime.

Adding a shiny coat to a concrete patio.

The best patio paints

Three of our favourite patio paints are listed in this section. Each does an effective job at painting patio areas – they’re durable, waterproof, and fairly easy to find online or in homeware stores.

Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Coating

Starting with Rust-Oleum’s Decorative Concrete Coating, we highlight a product that can give you a more textured finish on your patio, but can also be used on your porch, pool deck, and garden paths.

The Decorative Concrete Coating is best when used on smooth concrete. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors and will provide amazing coverage for your concrete patio.

Without question, the best feature of this product is the unique textured finish that the paint can give your patio area without any extra effort. There are four different colours for Rust-Oleum’s Decorative Concrete Coating, which makes it more versatile than other patio paints.

In The Swim Patio And Deck

A paint that was created just for patios and decks that see a lot of water over their lifetime, In The Swim’s Patio and Deck paint will ensure that your patio retains its new colour for plenty of years to come.

The paint will not peel when exposed to heavy rail or multiple splashes from your backyard pool. It’s also formulated to keep its colour even after extensive exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Available in five colours, including sandstone, it would be easy to cover up the concrete of your patio with a more enticing tone – one that could better match the rest of your garden.

Adding a coat of waterproof paint to concrete.

UGL DRYLOK Masonry Waterproof

If you’re expecting your patio area to get covered in water quite often, then you might prefer to use a paint that has better protection against moisture than others. UGL DRYLOK’s Masonry Waterproof paint is perfect for patios that are based in wetter climates.

Stain-resistant, and available in four different colours (including blue!), this paint is a great choice for a bit of extra protection.

How to paint your patio

Once you have your paint, you’re ready to tackle painting your patio. Before you start painting, make sure that your patio doesn’t have any holes in it and that it’s been recently washed with a pressure or power washer.

To fill the holes in your patio, you’ll need a cement mix. Once you’ve filled them, let the cement dry for the suggested amount of time before you use any paint on the area. You should also repair any uneven or broken patio slabs.

Then, you can just brush or roll out the patio paint.

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