How To Clean A Conservatory Roof

  • Find out the best ways to clean your conservatory roof.
  • Tips for staying safe while cleaning the roof.

Cleaning any kind of roof can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be the kind of headache that you’re expecting.

Cleaning your conservatory roof

After the year has taken its toll on the glass of your conservatory, you might decide that it’s time to give the roof a good clean and make it shine once more.

Glass is fairly easy to clean by itself, but there’s a certain challenge that comes with cleaning glass at heights, or cleaning any other kind of roof, that makes things a tad more difficult.

To start, choose your products. There are specific conservatory roof cleaning products available, which can make your job much simpler. Alternatively, a homemade cleaning remedy is just as suitable if you have the products to make it on hand.

Clean conservatory
A conservatory with a glass roof, shown from the inside of the extension.

Cleaning products

Depending on the condition that your conservatory roof is in, you might need different cleaners to tackle your roof cleaning job.

For example, Wet & Forget Moss, Mould, Lichen & Algae Remover works wonders for all of those strange green stains that appear over the year, but something like Dirtbusters Conservatory Cleaner would be fine for general cleaning.

Cleaning techniques

Power or pressure washing can be a bit too much for some glass roof cleaning jobs, particularly if you aren’t used to using the tools needed to power wash. Power washing also won’t be able to remove all of the mould and moss from your glass roof.

Alternatively, there’s softwashing, which is a gentler water cleaning technique that uses certain chemicals that are perfect for bringing a shine to your conservatory roof. Softwashing UK are their own company, with great testimonials on their website.

Cleaning tools

Next, let’s talk about cleaning tools. For cleaning a conservatory roof, there’s a few bits of kit that you’ll need.

Most obviously, a ladder. You’ll need one that’s tall enough to get you to the top of your conservatory without risking your safety.

You’ll also need a bucket of warm, soapy water, which is a staple in any cleaning situation if you find that you need to scrub some muck off of the surface of your roof or throw clean water over an area. We recommend having one bucket for scrubbing and one for warm water.

Although, you could also have a simple soaked sponge for scrubbing and make your life easier by having just one bucket to lug up and down your ladders.

A piece of equipment that we certainly recommend if you’re cleaning your conservatory roof by yourself is a telescopic cleaning pole. You can buy these from almost anywhere that sells other cleaning supplies. You won’t need to head to a hardware store for something like that.

To go with the telescopic cleaning pole, grab yourself a squeegee. When cleaning a glass roof, a squeegee is a vital piece of equipment because it can help clear away the water and other bits of mess and allow you to see what the roof looks like under all the products that you’ve applied to it.

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Staying safe while cleaning

Our number one piece of advice for this post is to ensure that you have another person with you if you decide to tackle cleaning your roof.

When working at heights, no matter how stable you believe your equipment to be, it’s best to have someone nearby holding your ladder steady or someone who can help you if you have a mishap while you’re cleaning.

In the event that you don’t feel like you’d be safe while cleaning your conservatory roof – perhaps your roof is an odd shape or is particularly slippery – it might be better for you to hire a professional to clean your conservatory roof for you, rather than you committing to cleaning it alone.

Clean conservatory roof
A conservatory with a flat, glass roof that would be easier to clean than some other styles.

Hire a professional

There are plenty of professionals out there who specialise in glass cleaning and cleaning conservatories. These professionals may work alone, in pairs, or in a very small team to get the job done.

All you need to know is that they have the training and experience needed to clean your conservatory roof without any of the risks that come with an amateur trying to clean a glass roof.

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