How To Dispose Of Your Dishwasher Safely

  • Find out how to safely dispose of your old dishwasher.
  • Look at easy fixes for a dishwasher that might not be broken.

Even without being certain, we all know that you can’t just toss a dishwasher in with general waste and hope it gets taken away with your trash.

Disposal options for your dishwasher

There are plenty of ways to rid yourself of your old dishwasher without causing yourself any issues. Recycle it, sell it, donate it… What you do with your old dishwasher will depend on its condition and whether or not it still functions.

Dishwasher disposal
Bright crockery in a dishwasher tray.


As long as your dishwasher still works, there’s no reason you couldn’t sell it locally to make some cash back on your next dishwasher purchase. Selling online, specifically over social media, has become a very popular thing to do over the past couple of years.

It’s so much simpler to have someone come to you to pick up a heavy appliance than to try and take it elsewhere, too.

By selling your old, working appliances online, you can cut out the awkwardness of trying to keep or dispose of a still-working dishwasher and pass it on to someone who might need it for a lot cheaper than the cost of a new one.


Instead of selling your old dishwasher, you could consider donating it, instead.

This option requires a little more effort because there aren’t too many companies that would come and collect a heavy appliance unless they specialise in them (the furniture side of the British Heart Foundation, for example, might be more likely to pick up an appliance if you’re donating to them).

Donating your old appliance is similar to selling it cheaply to someone who could need the item quickly. This might be for a range of reasons – maybe theirs has broken down or they’ve just moved home and need one.


Alternatively, for non-functioning dishwashers, recycling is a great option. Recycled appliances can be broken down into all sorts of pieces which can be used for new appliances.

The downside of recycling something like a dishwasher, however, is that it can’t go out with your regular recycling. You’d need to take it to your local recycling centre or perhaps discuss it with your local city council to figure out the best way to get it taken off your hands.


Finally, your last choice is to take your old dishwasher to be disposed of. Like recycling these items, you can’t put a dishwasher out in your general waste bin or next to it.

There are really only two ways to get rid of a broken dishwasher: scrap companies and the tip. You might be able to contact your local city council for this, too, but they’re more likely to charge for removing the item from your property.

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Scrap men may pay for the item, depending on what it is and what it’s made of. But, at the very least, you’ll be able to get your dishwasher picked up and disposed of more easily this way. Or, just drive it to the tip yourself.

Correct dishwasher disposal
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What you can’t do

There are a few actions that people sometimes take with old dishwashers that aren’t going to lead anywhere good. The most common one is fly tipping, which is illegal throughout the United Kingdom.

Fly tipping can earn you a maximum fine of around £400, provided that you do pay your fine. Failure to pay the fly tipping fine, or having repeated fly tipping offences, could mean that you end up with a court fine of £50k.

It’s a pretty serious offence, even if it might seem silly to the individual caught doing it. It’s not just about how it makes the area look once there’s broken down trash there, it’s about the environmental impact and the impact that fly tipping has on local residents.

Even if you need to pay someone to take your dishwasher to the tip for you, it’s still going to be far, far cheaper than paying a fly tipping fine. Hiring a man with a van for something like a dishwasher disposal should only cost between £20 and £50.

Easy fixes

Before you go throwing out, selling, or recycling your dishwasher, check if it’s ready to go or if it can be salvaged. A lot of dishwashers just need a little TLC.

  • Deep clean your dishwasher.
  • Check the fuse in the plug.
  • Check the wires and any connections.
  • Have your dishwasher checked by a professional.

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