How To Fit Bath Panel Clips

  • What are bath panel clips?
  • The process of installing a bath panel using clips.

A part of installing a bath panel that confuses many homeowners, today we share with you how to fit bath panel clips with ease.

What are bath panel clips?

When you purchase a bath panel, it should always be accompanied by a set of bath panel clips or an alternative way of securing the bath panel.

These clips are installed under the lip of the bathtub, where you will be pushing the panel into place later. Their purpose is to more securely hold a bath panel in place at several points along the bathtub, so that the panel does not come out.

If you’ve recently taken an old bath panel off your bathtub, you may have noticed the force needed to get the panel off due to the existing bath panel clips you have in place. 

In the event that your chosen bath panel did not include a set of bath panel clips, you can purchase these separately at any hardware store.

Installing an acrylic bath panel.

When to use bath panel clips

Bath panel clips work best with bendable acrylic bath panels. For stiff panels, you may find that it’s better to create a frame for the bath panel.

Cutting and installing a timber frame will take a lot more effort than installing a bendable bath panel with clips, but it can create a clean and unique look.

How to fit a bath panel using bath panel clips

Make sure you have your bath panel clips before you begin. Without them, you won’t get very far into the installation process. If you don’t have them, you’ll need to look for acrylic panel tub clips at any hardware or home improvement store near you.

Step one

Place one of the bath panel clips underneath the lip of the bathtub. The opening of the clip should be facing outwards, with the flat side of the clip against the underside of the tub’s edge.

Once the clip is in place, hold it there and use a drill to fully affix the clip to the bathtub.

Step two

Repeat the above process, placing at least one clip in the middle of the bathtub and one on each end. If you feel more comfortable doing so, you can drill pilot holes into the underside of the tub where the clips need to go before screwing the clips into place.

Step three

Once your minimum three panel clips are in place, turn the bath panel so that it’s right-side up. The finished side should be facing outwards, towards you. The lip of the panel should be facing inwards, towards the tub and the clips you just installed.

Carefully bend the panel to push it around the edge of the bathtub and push the panel into place once it looks even on both ends of the tub.

There should be little to no resistance, and you will both feel and hear when the panel slots into place. By pushing along the top of the panel, you will enable it to slide into the clips. Once you hear a clicking sound, you will know that you have successfully fitting the panel into place.

Other ways to install a bath panel

This section assumes that you aren’t working with the typical bending acrylic bath panel.

Wooden panels

A wooden panel will require that you measure the space between the underside of your bathtub and the floor of the bath rim. You will need to fit a wooden slab into that space, which may require some trimming, sawing, and the like.

In addition, you will need two separate battens. One softwood batten to affix to the floor and keep your bath in place, and another that will rest above the wooden panel.

Wooden panels on baths are extremely involved, and you may prefer to hire a professional to install everything.

Installing a type of wooden bath panel.

Corner bath panels

Corner bath panels need to be secured to the wall on one end. This step is crucial! You’ll also need a floor batten and a plinth, both of which will be cut back at the open end of the bath. Another addition is a softwood batten. They’re just as complicated as wooden panel installations.

This is not an exhaustive list of the various bath panels out there, but it certainly shows how easy it is to install a bath panel with clips in comparison.

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