How To Hang A Wreath On A UPVC Door

  • Learn how to hang a wreath on your uPVC door without damaging it.
  • Find out which products are best for your door type.

It’s the season to be jolly and you should be able to spread some holiday cheer no matter what kind of door you have at home.

The problem with your door

Any household with a uPVC door (those are the ones that look and feel like plastic and are usually white in colour) will quickly realise that they have no way to hang a wreath without irreparably damaging the door.

Wooden doors will take a nail with ease and no real lasting damage, but if you tried to put a nail in your uPVC door, you would quickly figure out your mistake. If you’re lucky, you’ll just be left with a hole in the plastic. If you’re not so lucky, you could split that part of the door.

The common alternative

One of the most used alternatives is the Command hook. This is a metal hook that is backed onto a piece of adhesive foam. The foam sticks to just about any smooth surface and can be easily removed with little to no damage – depending on the surface it was stuck to.

For a uPVC door, there will be no damage when the adhesive foam piece is removed. There may be some residue left from the adhesive, but this can be removed quickly with some soap and a cloth.

These hooks can be brought in several places, including Amazon, eBay, and most hardware stores. There are similar alternatives that aren’t by the Command brand company, which is a plain white hook with an adhesive back. Though you can also get these from Command, too!

Wreath on UPVC door
A cheerful holiday wreath hanging on a white door, surrounded by fresh snow.

Other ways to hang a wreath

There’s more than one way to hang a wreath! Having a uPVC door at Christmas is a problem of the past, thanks to all of the various solutions that have been thought of over the years. There’s no need for you to get creative with garden wire, string, or ribbon to hang your wreath anymore.

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Over door wreath hanger

Over door hangers are large hooks in either metal or plastic that hook onto the top of your door. They’re longer than regular over-the-door hooks, allowing for a wreath to hang at the perfect point on your door.

They’re inexpensive, easy to put on and take off your door, and they won’t harm your uPVC door in any way. We would advise getting the plastic wreath hangers if you’re worried about the metal scratching your door during installation.

Suction cup hangers

Various suction cup products are available on the market – our favourite type is the locking suction cup with wire hooks. This product has more stability than a regular suction cup hook and is less likely to fall off your door if a strong breeze comes along.

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