How To Plumb In A Fridge Freezer

  • Learn how to plumb in your fridge freezer.
  • Why does my fridge freezer need plumbing?

Not all fridge freezers require plumbing in, but for those that do, we have the information ready for you here.

Why do some fridge freezers require plumbing?

There are only certain types of fridge freezers that will require being plumbed into your home during the installation process. You will find that these are usually fridge freezers that have a couple more bells and whistles than your regular fridge freezer; for example, those with ice dispensers.

Fridge freezers with these extra features need to be plumbed into your home because the water that they use in the dispensing process needs somewhere to go and somewhere to come from. Otherwise, you would be constantly filling up some compartment of your fridge freezer.

So, if you have a fridge freezer that has an ice dispenser or a water dispenser – or, yes, both of those – you can expect that your fridge freezer will need to be added to your existing kitchen plumbing.

Why homeowners choose these fridge freezers

Convenience, above all else, is the reason that a homeowner may decide to buy a fridge freezer with a built-in ice and/or water dispenser. That said, they are also purchased for aesthetic reasons or just because the homeowner enjoys having more gadgets in their homes.

It’s more likely for a family to enjoy having this type of fridge freezer, too, though you do often see them in television shows and movies as a part of a bachelor’s apartment. For older children, having quick access to ice cold water is great in warmer cities.

An open fridge.

Does my fridge freezer need to be plumbed in?

It very well might! The salesperson who sold you the fridge freezer, or the website that you brought the fridge freezer from, should give you this information. Not all ice/water dispenser fridge freezers need to be plumbed in, but it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

A fridge freezer that doesn’t need plumbing in is going to require a lot less work. Plug and go fridge freezers are extremely convenient, even if they’re lacking the desirable features that a techy fridge freezer has.

Check the information for your new fridge freezer to ensure that you are prepared to install it when it arrives. At the very least, you will know enough to hire a professional to plumb the fridge freezer in if you don’t feel comfortable doing so (or don’t have the time to mess around with plumbing!).  

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Why a non-plumbed fridge freezer might be better for you

In the event that you’re in a rented property, most landlords prefer that you don’t mess around with the plumbing of the house. There might be a clause in your contract that you need a professional plumber/workman to come in and install any appliances.

Non-plumbed fridge freezers only need to be plugged in to the electrical mains plug socket of that room. That’s all there is to it, no plumbing required. That also means that you can easily turn the fridge freezer off and on again when moving it around.

Plumbed in fridge freezers require a plumber to install them, and another who can come and turn it off and clean out the water supply.

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How to install your fridge freezer

Your fridge freezer will state on its information (online, within its sales information in-store, or in its manual) whether or not it needs to be plumbed in.

If you don’t have a water line ready, you can set one up from the line that is under your kitchen sink. It’s best, in this case, to keep the fridge freezer as close to the new supply line as possible.

You should turn off the water supply before starting, and then go ahead and install a T-shape valve to break the water line under your sink so that the water will flow to your tap and to your appliance.

The opening you’re not using for your sink should have a pipe connected to it which leads to the fridge freezer.

It is recommended that you get a professional in to do this job if you feel unsure or if you’re not confident in following the steps above.

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