How To Stop Your Neighbours Plants Growing Through Your Fence

  • Protect your garden from over-reaching plant life.
  • Stop vines from twisting around your fence.
plants crossing through fences

No matter how friendly you are with your neighbours, having their plants growing over the property line can be unsightly.

Talk to your neighbour

The very first thing that you should do when you notice an issue like this is to have a friendly chat with your neighbour. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the damage that plants can do if left to overgrow for a long period of time.

By far the easiest solution would be to spend time with your neighbour to show them what’s happening in your garden because of their plants and see if you can reach a solution that benefits you both.

For example, your neighbour is more likely to be accepting of their plants being cut if you volunteer to cut them back yourself and you obviously have plant knowledge. No one wants their plants destroyed out of the blue, and not everyone has the right information about cutting plants.

You could end up killing your neighbour’s plants if you cut them wrong, so it’s best to reassure them that you know what you’re doing. It helps if you, yourself, have a lot of plant life in your own garden. 

Check the boundary line

If the chat with your neighbour doesn’t go well, the next (and more legally-binding) thing you can do about plant overgrowth is check the boundary lines of your property. Provided that the overgrowing plants are, indeed, growing over your property line, you have a lot more right to cut them back.

It’s best to inform your local council of the issue if your neighbour is against you cutting back their plants, but the plants are over the boundary of their property and encroaching onto yours.

neighbour plants crossing through fence
Ivy growing up a white garden fence.

Safely cut back plant growth

With permission gathered, it’s time to start cutting back the plants that are on your property. You’ll find that using a pair of shears is the safest and most accurate way to do this without causing excess damage to the plant life.

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Where there are buds on the plant, indicating growth, cut just above the bud, leaving a small length of the stem. Ensure to make your cuts at an angle where the buds alternate themselves on the plant.

In the case that the plant’s buds grow opposite each other, cut straight, rather than at an angle.

How to stop plants from growing between fences

Other than constantly maintaining and cutting back growth, it may be better to simply put your own closed fence in to avoid your neighbour’s plants. Any fence without gaps will do.

How to stop vines from growing on your fence

Similar to the above. Vines will grasp onto anything they can use to grow. Choose a fence to erect that has no openings and preferably no thin lengths of wood that the vined plant can use to wrap itself around and continue growing upwards.

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