How Much Does It Cost To Run A Lay-Z-Spa?

  • An inflatable hot tub can be an expensive purchase - and not just to buy!
  • Read our top tips on minimising your ongoing running costs.
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So, you want to buy a hot tub. We definitely can’t blame you! Life can be stressful at the best of times, and the idea of sinking into warm, bubbling water at the end of a long day sounds absolutely heavenly.

Most Lay-Z-Spa users seem to agree that it can cost up to £40 a month to run a two-person tub when using it around three times a week.

Our quick answer for those short on time – read on for more savings tips

Lay-Z-Spa are a household brand name. Everyone knows the company and are aware of the main products they sell, even if they’ve never looked into purchasing a product for themselves. You wouldn’t just splash out your cash on the cheapest hot tub available, after all.

Which is why so many homeowners look at buying a Lay-Z-Spa above other unnamed or unknown hot tub brands. A well-known brand is more likely to be trusted, so it just makes more sense to buy from a company that everyone has heard of.

That, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that running a Lay-Z-Spa is going to improve your current bills. Alongside actually purchasing a hot tub, you should consider the other costs involved in your purchase.

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Enjoying a relaxing time in a home hut tub.

The costs of your Lay-Z-Spa

There are a few more costs related to running a Lay-Z-Spa than just buying the tub and heating it. Heating is a big one, but we’ll talk about that in the next section.

The maintenance of your hot tub includes several chemicals and other products to keep it clean and functioning. These include filters, which need to be changed fairly often, and chemicals like chlorine and pH balancers.

But it’s not all bad! Actually, running a Lay-Z-Spa is more cost effective than a built-in hot tub, which would incur installation costs and removal/reinstallation costs should you decide to move to a new home.

There’s a few miscellaneous costs that come with hot tubs, which you might not even consider when you first purchase one. Hot tub accessories fall into this category, and there are many of them: canopies, gazebos, tub covers, steps…

And that’s just major accessories, which doesn’t cover any of the spa products you want to use in or around your tub, or any outdoor décor to spruce up your hot tub area.

Most Lay-Z-Spa users seem to agree that it can cost up to £40 a month to run a two-person tub when using it around three times a week.

How to reduce the cost of running your hot tub

Looking to reduce the costs that you’re experiencing from running your Lay-Z-Spa? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Keep it running

We know it sounds a bit backwards, but if you’re regularly using your Lay-Z-Spa, it’s actually more efficient for you to leave your spa’s heater on. Let us explain:

The heater in a Lay-Z-Spa is activated using a thermostat. When you turn your heater off, the temperature of your tub will fall to match its surroundings and will become quite cold overnight or when there’s no sunshine to naturally heat the water.

However, if you were to keep your Lay-Z-Spa heater at a temperature of between 25°C to 35°C (which is recommended by Lay-Z-Spa, themselves!), and then heat your tub to your desired temperature before use, you’ll find that you use less energy.

It’s just logical when you think about it. It’s going to use less energy heating a tub 5 to 15 degrees than it is heating it up from a standing temperature of anywhere between zero and 15 degrees.

Use your lid and cover

You’re likely using one of these already, under the pretence of keeping the water in your tub clean while it’s outside.

But one of the biggest reasons that the temperature of your hot tub goes down is because you either aren’t using the lid or the lid isn’t inflated properly.

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There’s no point utilising the heater method above if you don’t have your Lay-Z-Spa lid securely attached and in its place. If your lid happens to be broken, you can purchase replacements from the company.

Use chemicals

The maintenance of your Lay-Z-Spa relies on the right chemicals. You’re going to ultimately use more energy cleaning the water or constantly refilling your tub than you would if you picked up the appropriate cleaning tools and kept your water at the right temperature.

You’ll need filter cartridges, chlorine, pH plus and minus, foam remover, and some water test strips. These are basic maintenance items that any Lay-Z-Spa owner should have on-hand.

Chlorine works as a disinfectant, while the pH plus and minus can help adjust the pH of your hot tub’s water. Foam remover… Well, it helps you get rid of and prevent foam. Finally, the test strips should be used with the pH plus and minus solutions to help you balance the pH of your spa.

The filter in your Lay-Z-Spa should be changed every three days, so having several spares is never a bad idea. The filter keeps dirt, grit, and grime from staying in your tub – no one wants any nasty surprises when they’re trying to relax, after all!

The benefits of a hot tub at home

Regular use of a hot tub can yield many physical and mental benefits. Your muscles will relax, which will help your stresses and negative feelings fade away.

Using a tub like a Lay-Z-Spa at home will allow you to cut down your health costs, too. It’s likely that you already find yourself visiting your nearby spa on a regular basis if you’re considering a home hot tub. Compare the costs and see what works better for you.

There are lots of proven health benefits of relaxing in hot tubs. Some of these include relief from joint pain and muscle pain, improving motion range in stiff extremities, decreasing stress, improving sleep, and easing muscle soreness (that last one is particularly great after a workout).

When you compare the benefits with the low cost of running, a Lay-Z-Spa could be the perfect investment for you and your household.

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