Is Matt Or Silk Paint Best For Walls?

  • Find out which paint is the best for you.
  • Explore the benefits of matt and silk paint.

Depending on the finish you’re looking for, both matt paint and silk paint have their place on the walls of your home. 

Exploring matt and silk paint

Both of these paint variations have different places in the home. Wall paints come in several types, two of which are matt paints and silk paints. Though all paints might seem the same at first glance, there is a reason that they are split up into their own categories.

Matt paint

Matt paints are a dull paint. There’s no shine to them, and they will dry in a way that can hide any imperfections that exist on the wall that you’re going to paint.

When it has faded, matt paint can be touched up with a new coat of colour to add back that beautiful tone that you fell in love with when you first painted your walls. It’s also pretty easy to paint over if you fancy a change of colour or theme in that same room.

This kind of paint will look best in just about any room, from the living room to the bedroom. You can use matt wall paint in formal and casual rooms without it looking out of place, too.

A good rule for matt paint is to use it in the rooms where you expect there to be guests or visitors that have come to stay for some time. Because of the attributes of this kind of paint, your guests are less likely to notice any problems with your paint job and a beginner will have no decorating woes.

Matt or Silk paint
Stunning dark paint being effortlessly applied to a wall by a woman and her child.

Silk paint

A paint that has a certain finesse to it, silk paint is the paint to use in your more elegant rooms. Although its elegance has a place in your master bedroom, this paint shouldn’t really be used in the dining room – as much as you may want a silkier finish in that room.

This is because silk paint is quicker to expose any issues than matt paint. You have to be much more careful when coating your walls and covering any damage will take more time. You also won’t be able to touch up spots of your wall as needed because silk paint is unforgiving.

Every brush mark will show up in the strokes of the paint. Homeowners prefer to use a foam paint roller with silk paint because of this, otherwise they would never achieve the finished look for their walls.

Despite this, silk paint does have its benefits. Beyond the glowing appearance, silk paint is also less porous than its sister matt paint, which means that you’ll find yourself touching up silk paint much less than rooms coated in matt paint.

So, matt or silk?

Here’s the thing: Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Instead of looking at which paint is technically better or more refined, look at what the paint can do for you.

A matt paint is a perfect paint for every wall of your home. You can’t go wrong with matt paint, and it’s usually cheaper to buy than silk paint. In addition, you can touch up paint damage without having to repaint the entire wall or room to match your brush strokes.

Silk paint, on the other hand, is a more luxurious paint that only really works for bedrooms and rooms that don’t experience a lot of footfall. The shiny glow of the paint may seem more enticing, but it’s not as forgiving as matt paint.

Silk paint is your special occasion paint in a can. Better for rooms that are squirrelled away and used less often or only by occupants of the house. Matt paint is an everyday paint that works everywhere and anywhere.

Painting with Matt and Silk paint
A silkier paint being applied with a paintbrush rather than a roller, showing the streaks in the brushwork.


Now, let’s talk about the colour of these two paint types. Like any other paint, you should be able to purchase most paint colours in either matt or silk. That’s pretty helpful, to say the least, because it means that you can be consistent about the colours and aesthetics of your home.

See Also

While most (if not, all) paints are available in matt and silk paint products, there are undoubtedly some colours that will look better as a matt paint than a silk paint – and vice versa.

Because of the benefits of matt paint, both dark and light paint colours can be used without any issues. You should be able to buy any colour of matt paint, apply it, and have it level itself out during the painting process. Unlike silk paint where the brush strokes can settle into the paintwork.

As such, neutral colours are extremely popular in matt paint products. Light colours are always worrisome to apply, but matt paint will ensure that you end up with an even finish.

For silk paint, you’ll want to bring out the product’s glow. This is a practical paint with some flair, and these paints can be wiped clean without any worry of staining.

Your silk paint product will look better in rooms or locations where you’re trying to give the area a focal point. Silk paint is obviously shinier than matt paint and can draw the eye with ease.

If you’re worried about the way your silk painted wall will turn out, a darker colour might be a better choice. Light colours will reveal paint mishaps and imperfections very quickly, while darker colours could hide these for you until you have time to fix your mistakes.

When you’re doubting your abilities or the type of paint you should use, always fall back on matt paint products. Silk paint is great, but isn’t as forgiving as matt paint is, and you’re more likely to get frustrated with it.

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